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 1.2.4 Defining a Triggering Event for the Workflow


In this part lesson, you specify that the workflow template must be started by the event TRIGGERED from class CL_HRASR00_WF_PROCESS_OBJECT.


  1. Choose the Basic Data function for your workflow template.

  2. Choose the Version-INdependent (Task) tab page.

  3. Choose the Start Events tab page.

  4. Enter the object type category CL .

  5. Enter the object type CL_HRASR00_WF_PROCESS_OBJECT .

  6. In the Event of the Object field, select the TRIGGERED entry.

  7. Specify the data flow. To do this, choose the pushbutton in the Data Flow column.

    The Change Data Flow for Workflow dialog box appears.

  8. Choose Exit Data Flow Editor .

    You return to the maintenance screen for basic data. The pushbutton in the Data Flow column now has the status Data Flow (Existing) .

  9. Save your workflow template.


You have defined the triggering event for the workflow and specified the data flow between the event container and the workflow container. The start event symbol is now displayed in the Graphical Model area.

Note Note

You must set up the type linkage in the relevant production client so that the workflow template can react to the event (see the lesson Activating the Start Event and Setting up Type Linkage for the Process ).

End of the note.