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Using this function you can bill between company codes (resource-related internal billing). To call this function, choose the following path from the SAP Easy Access Menu : Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Sales and Distribution Next navigation step Sales Next navigation step Order Next navigation step Subsequent Functions Next navigation step Billing Between Company Codes. End of the navigation path


The function reads cross-company code line items from SAP Controlling, for example, costs or quantities confirmed in the Cross-Application Time Sheet ( CATS ). The system takes all objects with order characteristics into consideration, for example, sales orders, WBS elements, network headers, network activities, service orders, and cost centers.


You carried out the steps described under Configuration .

To enable you to work with cost centers, you have implemented BAdI: Resource-Related Billing Between Company Codes in Customizing for Sales and Distribution under Start of the navigation path Billing Next navigation step Intercompany Billing Next navigation step Resource-Related Intercompany Billing. End of the navigation path


This function uses the Dynamic Item Processor(see Resource-Related Billing ). The system proceeds as follows:

  1. The system determines the requesting and supplying company code in the intercompany sales document.

  2. The system reads all line items for combining both company codes from one period and one fiscal year. Once you enter the additional selection criteria, the system takes these into account as well.

  3. The system summarizes the line items and determines materials and prices. You can adjust the result manually (see also Processing the Expenditure View and Editing the Sales Price View ).

  4. Based on these values you can create a billing request .


Enter the following data in the initial access screen for Billing Between Company Codes :

  • Internal sales order of the supplying company code

  • Period

  • Fiscal year

Optionally, you can define the account assignment objects to be selected in the requesting company code.

Note Note

Note that you can enter sales documents or service orders or project objects (project definitions, WBS elements, networks/orders) or cost centers.

End of the note.