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 P_PCLX (HR: Clusters)


Authorization object that is used during the authorization check for access to PCLx HR files (x = 1, 2, 3, 4) using the PCLx buffer (interface supported by HR).


The P_PCLX authorization object contains the following fields, which are tested during an authorization check:

Authorization Field

Long Text


Area Identifier for Clusters in Tables


Authorization Level

More Information About the Fields

  • The possible specifications for the RELID field are the fixed values of the RELID_PCL domain. The fixed values and their meaning are stored in the T52RELID table ( HR: Description of Clusters in PCLx Tables ).

  • The AUTHC field contains the activity for the authorization but uses a different logic for P_PCLX than for other authorization objects. The following specifications are possible:

R: : Read

U: : Write (update) – this includes the authorizations of authorization level S but not authorization level R

S: Write data to internal buffer but not to database (simulation)