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 Use of Performing Work Centers in the Operation


In the Plant Maintenance (PM) application component, you can specify which performing work center with which qualifications is to execute each operation or sub-operation. You can also calculate the suitability of a particular work center for executing an operation.

It is also possible to have individual operations executed by work centers in external companies (refer to Processing with an External Company as Work Center).


If you want to use individual capacities for work centers, you must have assigned a capacity category to the operation in Customizing for Production Planning and Control (PP). You can choose here between the following types:

  • Personnel capacities - individual capacities which are people

    The time capacity here is copied from the Human Resources (HR) application component.

  • Machine capacities - individual capacities which are not people

    The time capacity here is defined in the individual capacity of the machine itself.

If you use requirements profiles for work centers, these must be entered in the Human Resources (HR) application component.

If you use suitability data, this must be entered in the Customizing for Work Centers.

Key Features

You can use the work center to determine the following for each operation:

  • Qualification requirements for the operation

  • Qualification quotation and the naming of the individual capacities for the work center

  • Suitability level of a work center for executing an operation

  • Suitability required to execute an operation if you do not use the Human Resources application component

You make these entries in the detail screen for internal processing of the operation.

Entry of Qualifications

In the Qualifications section, you can use a requirements profile to describe the qualification requirements of the operation for a job or planned job.

Example Example

An employee who can weld is required, to repair a boiler.

The planner responsible now has the following options:

  • Enter a requirements profile which includes the qualification “Welding”. Example: Welding and soldering examination

  • Enter the job “Welder”.

  • Enter the planned job “Welder in Mechanics, plant 0001”.

    The planned job does not have to relate to an individual person. For example, it may be that three welders work in Mechanics in plant 0001.

End of the example.

Entry of Individual Capacities

For each work center, you can enter which individual capacities work there with which qualification quotation.

Example Example

Work center

Number of Employees

Names of Employees


Mechanics 1


Frederic Bouton

Yavuz Saracoglu

Hans Müller

Subarashi San

Welding exam, head for heights

Mechanics 2


Gillian Anderson

Paul Hayman

Andrea Boselini

Manfred Leicht

Welding course



Peter McPoley

Mikhail Jelnikov

Electrics master diploma

End of the example.

Calculation of Suitability Level

If an employee with particular qualifications is required in an order operation, then the qualification requirements for the operation and the qualifications offered by the work center (person or machine) are offset with one another. The result is the suitability level of the work center.

Example Example

An employee who has passed a welding exam is required for an operation in an order.

However, for the scheduled work center “Mechanics 2”, only the qualification “welding course” is valid. Since none of the employees at the “Mechanics 2” work center has passed a welding exam, each of them only has a suitability level of 60% for the operation to be processed.

End of the example.

Entry of Suitability

Suitability is generally used if the Human Resources (HR) application component is not being used, so people are not linked with qualification quotations.

Note Note

Suitability and a suitability level are quite different: Whereas the system must calculate the suitability level, you simply enter a description of suitability.

End of the note.

In the Payment section, you can specify for each performing work center the required suitability for each operation.

Example Example

Critical welding work is required to repair a boiler. The planner responsible defines that a person must have a welding qualification to perform this work, and therefore enters 02 for welding examination in the Suitability field for the relevant operation.

End of the example.