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 Archiving Work Centers (PP-BD-WKC)

Archiving object PP_WKC for work centers and capacities contains the following work center and capacity data as well as Customizing settings:

Work Center

  • work center header data (CRHD)

  • work center short descriptions (CRTX)

  • assignment of work center to cost center (CRCO)

  • assignment of work center to grouping for subsystem link (T705R)

  • descriptions of grouping for subsystem link (T705X)

  • assignment of CAPP processes to work centers (VERTE)

  • CAPP process texts (VERFT)

  • classification (archiving class CLASSIFY)

  • change documents (archiving class CHANGEDOCU)

  • long texts (archiving class TEXT)

  • links to Personnel Planning and Development System (PD) (HRP1001)


  • capacity assignment to work center (CRCA)

  • capacity header (KAKO)

  • capacity descriptions (KAKT)

  • intervals of available capacity (KAZY)

  • capacity shift values (KAPA)

  • assignment of alternative units of measure to capacity (KAPE)

  • shift definitions (daily work schedule) (T550A)

  • break model (work break schedule) (T550P)

  • links to Personnel Planning and Development System (PD) (HRP1001)

Customizing Data

The following Customizing settings are archived to maintain the archiving settings for work centers and capacities:

  • formula settings:

  • formula parameters (TC20)

  • formula parameter texts (TC20T)

  • standard value keys (TC21)

  • standard value key texts (TC21T)

  • work center formulas (TC25)

  • formula short descriptions (TC25T)

  • general settings:

  • person responsible for work center (TC24)

  • task list usage (TC23)

  • task list usage text (TC23T)

Selection Criteria

You can select work centers for archiving according to the following criteria:

  • plant

  • work center

  • work center category

  • person responsible for work center

In addition to these criteria, you can also use deletion flags as a selection criterion for work centers.

Caution Caution

You can archive and delete work centers regardless of whether deletion flags are set for them.

End of the caution.