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 Working with Task Lists


You can use maintenance task lists (task lists) to plan maintenance work in the order. They are used as a reference and an input tool when processing orders and considerably reduce the time required during work scheduling.

The complete or partial planning of orders using task lists is advisable if the tasks to be planned:

  • Involve work which needs to be executed frequently in a particular way and for which the same material is always required

  • Consist of constant, recurring tasks and one-time, individual tasks

You can also automatically transfer operations from task lists to an order. For more information, see the Worklist for Notification and Assigning a Task List to a Notification .


Before you can use task lists for planning in the order, they must have been created in the system by your planner and must describe certain recurring operations in full.

Process Flow

  1. You create an order. See Creation of an Order . To do this, you can copy task list default values .

  2. You select a task list, which you want to use for planning the order and include it directly or by using the selection function.

In addition, the functions for selecting certain operations remain available, for example, choosing particular operations from the task lists or renumbering them. See Selection of Operations for a Task List .

  1. You adapt the included task list operations to meet the individual requirements of the order. For example, you can change the work center or add further operations.

  2. During the planning (and also subsequently), you can display which task lists have been included in an order.