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 Standard Task TS17900107: Check Form Data


You can use this standard task to run a background check of the form data against the databases in the backend system. The result of the check is available at workflow level for further processing.

Standard task: 17900107

ID: Check Form D

Name: Check Form Data


Referenced Object Method, Properties :



Agent Assignment


Authorization Check

Make sure that the WF Batch user has the required authorizations:

  • Authorization object P_ASRCONT: The activity R (Read) is used for the authorization check.

  • Authorization object P_ORGIN to check authorization for HR infotypes

For more information, see Authorization Concept of HCM Processes and Forms .

User Interface Control


Process Control

Container Definition: Import Elements

  • Form (FORM) – Mandatory

    You use this element to specify which form scenario is used when the workflow step is executed. This element consists of a structure with the following three fields:

    • Form Scenario (FORM_SCENARIO) – Mandatory

      Enter the form scenario that is to be used within the workflow step.

    • FormScenario Version (FORM_SCENARIO_VERSION) – Mandatory

      Enter the version of the form scenario that you want to be used.

    • Do Not Save Directly (SUPPRESS_SAVE) – Mandatory

      You can use this field to override the settings in the SEND_VARIATION element. This field is not relevant for this task.

Container Definition: Export Elements

  • Processing Status (PROCSTATE) – Optional

    You can use this element to provide business-related information about the current processing status of the work item. This element is declared for the reverse data flow (back to workflow).

    The processing status can have the following values:

    • PROCESSED = No errors and no warnings occurred during the check of the form data container.

    • WARNING = A warning occurred during the check.

    • ERROR = An error occurred during the check.