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 Standard Task TS17900106: Check Existence of PA Infotype


The system uses this standard task to check whether a particular infotype record has been saved on the database for a particular personnel number for a particular period. This standard task comprises an action to be executed by the system. No human users are involved.

Standard task: 17900106

ID : Exist.PA IT

Name : Check Existence of PA Infotype


Referenced Object Method, Properties :



Agent Assignment
Authorization Check

Make sure that the WF Batch user has the required authorizations.

User Interface Control


Process Control

Container Definition: Import Elements

  • Start/End Date (BEGDA/ENDDA) – Mandatory

    Start and end dates of the period for which the specified infotype record is sought.

    Data type ( Data Type tab page, ABAP Dictionary Reference field): Structure PSKEY and Field BEGDA or ENDDA

  • Personnel Number (PERNR) – Mandatory

    The personnel number of the employee whose data is being processed. You should link this to PROCESS_OBJECT.OBJECT_KEY.

    ABAP Dictionary data type : PERNR_D

  • Infotype (INFTY) – Mandatory

    Four-digit number of the infotype that is being sought.

    ABAP Dictionary Reference : Structure PSKEY , Field INFTY

  • Subtype (SUBTY) – Mandatory

    Number of the subtype that is being sought.

    ABAP Dictionary Reference : Structure PSKEY , Field SUBTY

Container Definition: Export Elements

  • Processing Status (PROCSTATE) – Optional

    You can use this element to specify that the processing status is to be transferred from the workflow step to the workflow container once the work item is completed (data flow: workflow <- Edit Form step). If the processing status is known in the workflow container, you can process the other workflow steps in accordance with the processing status.

    The processing status can have the following values:

    • PROCESSED = At least one infotype record was found for this person.

    • ERROR = No records were found for the specified infotype for this person.