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  Standard Task TS17900102: Form Is Edited Again by Author


You can use this standard task to return a form to a user to edit another time. With this standard task, the user receives a returned form that he or she has already edited. This standard task is triggered in the following conditions:

  • When a user of the form chooses the Back to Author function in the form application

  • If the workflow is modeled according to the related workflow step for the processing status (PROCSTATE) BACK.

This standard task generally corresponds to the Edit Form standard task. The differences are:

  • The values of the processing statuses that are output are different (see below).

  • The Back to Author function is not available in the form application.

For more information, see the documentation on Standard Task TS17900100: Edit Form .

Standard task : 17900102

ID : Return Form

Name : Form Is Edited Again by Author


Agent Assignment

You can use this standard task for all HCM Processes and Forms workflow templates, and store a corresponding agent assignment rule for the workflow steps. When using this standard task, make sure that the same user who first edited the form receives the work item.

For more information, see Agent Assignment Rules .

Authorization Check

The P (Process) activity is used for the P_ASRCONT authorization object.

For more information, see Authorization Concept for HCM Processes and Forms .

User Interface Control

See the documentation for the standard task Edit Form.

Process Control

Container Definition: Export Elements

Note Note

The configuration options in the binding editor are identical to the standard task TS17900100: Edit Form. Only the PROCSTATE element returns different values.

End of the note.
  • Processing Status (PROCSTATE) – Optional

    You can use this element to specify that the processing status is to be transferred from the workflow step to the workflow container once the work item is completed (workflow binding <- Form Is Edited Again by Author step). If the processing status is known in the workflow container, you can process the other workflow steps in accordance with the processing status.

    The processing status can have the following value:

    • RESENT

      The work item was processed successfully. The user has chosen the Send function in the Review and Send view of the form application.

      Note Note

      Note that you control the subsequent workflow steps, such as those for approving the form, on the basis of the Sent Back processing status. This is necessary so that you can differentiate subsequent process steps from those resulting from the first editing.

      End of the note.

      Data type ( Data Type tab page, ABAP Dictionary Reference field): Structure HRASR00_PROCESS_MODELLING and Field PROCESSING_STATUS