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 P_CH_PK (HR-CH: Pension Fund: Account Access)


Authorization object that is used during the authorization check for access to pension fund accounts (PF Accounts). This check takes place in transactions or reports that process account data.


The P_CH_PK authorization object contains the following fields which, are tested during an authorization check:

Authorization Field

Long Text


Number of Individual PF Account


HR-CH: Authorization for PF Accounts


HR-CH: Pension Fund: Authorization Level for Account Access

More Information About the Fields

  • The KONNR field specifies which pension fund accounts an administrator is authorized to access.

  • The AUTGR field specifies the permissible authorization groups for the authorization check.

  • The PKKLV field specifies which operations (authorization level) the user is authorized to perform in pension fund accounts. The following values are possible:

-: : No Access

R: : Read authorization

W: : Write authorization

X: : Extended authorization (for example, offsetting entries for postings or changing the lock date)