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 Changes to Batch Status


Quality Inspection and Release

During goods receipts, for a purchase order, for example, the goods are posted to inspection stock. The batch has the status unrestricted . However, the batch is not available as it is in inspection stock.

Using the inspection results, you decide whether to accept the batch or not.

Once you have accepted the batch, you can use movement type 321 to make a transfer posting from inspection stock to unrestricted-use stock.

If the batch is not accepted, you can change the status to restricted and use movement type 321 to make a transfer posting from quality inspection stock. As the status is restricted the system automatically posts the batch to restricted-use stock.

Quality Inspection and Partial Release

You may want to check the quality of a particular amount of goods (100 liters, for example) in partial quantities (10 x 10 liters). In these cases, you might want to accept some partial lots, but also need to reject others, as you are not dealing with one batch as you had expected, but with several batches.

You handle these partial quantities as different batches and assign different batch numbers. Depending on the inspection results, you assign the status restricted or unrestricted to each batch.

Stock Types

The status of the following stock types is directly linked to the status of the respective batch:

  • Unrestricted stock

  • Restricted stock

The status of the following stock types is independent of the status of the respective batch:

  • Inspection stock

  • Blocked stock

  • Stock in transfer

  • Blocked stock returns


A change to the batch status starts a transfer posting from restricted to unrestricted stock, and vice versa. All other stock types are not affected. They are status independent, and you can always post batches to them. This makes it possible to use a partial release for quality inspection stock.

The ‘restricted’ stock and the blocked stock are treated identically as far as planning is concerned.

If you change the status of a batch in the batch master record, the system automatically changes the status of all subsets of this batch in all storage locations, and triggers an internal transfer posting of the respective stock.

You cannot manually start a transfer posting of a batch from restricted to unrestricted stock, or vice versa. A transfer posting of this type can only be triggered by changing the status indicator in the batch master record.


  1. In the batch master record ( Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Central Functions Next navigation step Batch Management Next navigation step Batch Next navigation step Change End of the navigation path ), set the Batch unrestricted or Batch restricted indicator.

  2. The system:

  • posts the batch stock from unrestricted-use stock to restricted-use stock, or vice versa

  • creates a change document for the change in master data

  • creates a material document for the transfer posting

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