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 HR: Authorization Main Switches

You can use the authorization main switches stored in table T77S0 ( System Table ) under the group name AUTSW to tailor the behavior of the authorization check on HR infotypes to your requirements. Up to Release 4.5B the switches were stored in the MPPAUTSW include. Storing the authorization main switches in the T77S0 table is advantageous because the switches can be defined differently at client level.

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For more information on the authorization main switches, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Personnel Administration under Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Authorization Management Next navigation step Maintain Profiles End of the navigation path .

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See also:

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AUTSW ADAYS (Tolerance Time for Authorization Check)

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AUTSW APPRO (HR: Test Procedures)

AUTSW ORGPD (HR: Structural Authorization Check)

AUTSW INCON (HR Master Data (Context))

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