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 Use of Operations and Sub-Operations


Use of Operations

You use operations to describe the individual steps in an order.

You can plan an order at different levels of detail, depending on the type of order involved and the extent of the work being planned:

  • Short orders containing only one operation (fast entry)

    For these orders, you can enter data for a single operation in the lowest section of the header data screen, without having to use any further screens. The operation can involve internal or external processing. You use the operation detail screens for this operation.

  • Long orders without detailed planning

    For these orders, you use the operation overview function. You can use this to enter as many operations as required.

  • Short or long orders with detailed planning

    For these orders, you use the operation overview and the operation detail screens.

Note Note

If you initially created and saved an order with header data only and no operation, the system automatically creates the first operation for the order header when saving. This is necessary because you need at least one operation to be able to plan, schedule and confirm the order.

The operation created automatically contains the same data as the order header. You can change these if required.

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Use of Sub-Operations

If several work centers are to execute an operation, you can divide the operation into sub-operations. You can thereby schedule a different work center for each sub-operation. The operation itself may contain a work center that, for example, coordinates the work centers in the sub-operations.

You create sub-operations in the same way as operations in the Operation Overview. In addition, you specify the number of the operation, to which they are assigned.

Key Features

The following options are available for detailed planning of an order at operation level:


Based on the control key, which you enter in the operation, the system automatically determines which operation detail screen must be completed. To select this detail screen, double click on the operation number.