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 Results Recording (QM-IM-RR)


In the Results Recording component, you record and process results for inspection characteristics. The inspection lot is the reference object in results recording.

The recorded inspection results document the quality of the inspected product, and provide the basis for creating batch specifications and inspection certificates. You can use the recorded result data to make evaluations for quality control purposes.


In addition to results recording based on characteristics, you can also use process-optimized results recording to record inspection results for all operations, inspection points or lots depending on your requirements. You can also process defect data using the defects recording function.


To be able to record inspection results, the following conditions must be met:

  • Inspection specifications (task list or material specification) are assigned to the inspection lot

    Note Note

    If you inspect according to configuration or batch, the inspection specifications are changed correspondingly from the task list or material specification. For more information, see Editing the Inspection Setup .

    End of the note.

    Note Note

    You can also manage multiple specifications in the inspection specifications. These multiple specifications can then be used in inspection processing to determine batch suitability. For more information, see Multiple Specifications .

    End of the note.
  • Characteristics have been created

  • Sample calculation has been carried out

    Note Note

    The processing status of an inspection lot is documented by the inspection lot status. For more information about the inspection lot status, see Status Management for Inspection Lots .

    End of the note.


Using this component, you can:

  • Process results for an operation

  • Process results for multiple samples

  • Process results for different inspection point categories :

    • For an inspection point during production

    • For a physical sample

    • For equipment

    • For a functional location

  • Process results for a delivery in sales and distribution

  • Display individual results for a characteristic (confirmation number)

  • Decide to accept or reject the inspection characteristics

  • Calculate summarized characteristic values

  • Record defect data straight from the results recording function

  • Close inspection characteristics

  • Print inspection results