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 Standard Task TS17900108: Save Form Data


You can use this standard task to run a background check on the data entered in the form and subsequently save it in the back-end system. This task corresponds to a user executing the Review and Send functions in an interactive step where the data is saved in the back-end system by the Send function.

The result of the check or save is available on the workflow level for further processing. If the check is successful, the system attempts to save the form data. For more information, see the description of the Processing Status container element.

Example Example

You can use this standard task in the following scenario, for example:

You want the data to be saved in the back-end system when a supervisor has approved a form. If the data cannot be saved in the back-end system as a result of errors, you want the HR administrator to postprocess the incorrect data. This means that the supervisor does not receive error messages that he or she is unable to process.

End of the example.

Standard task: 17900108

ID: Save Form

Name: Save Form Data


Referenced Object Method, Properties:



Agent Assignment


Authorization Check

Make sure that the WF Batch user has the required authorizations.

  • Authorization object P_ASRCONT: The activity X ( Saved to Database ) is used for the authorization check.

  • Authorization object P_ORGIN to check authorization for Human Resources infotypes

For more information, see Authorization Concept for HCM Processes and Forms .

User Interface Control


Process Control

The setting options in the binding editor and the evaluations are the same as those for the standard task TS17900107: Check Form Data .

Note Note

The system saves the data if it has the processing status PROCESSED or WARNING. Data cannot be saved if it has the processing status ERROR.

End of the note.