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This parameter specifies the contingent for the maximum number of outstanding requests in the dialog queue.


RFC is executed on the target server in a dialog work process. Therefore, if there is currently no free dialog work process, the request is placed in the dialog queue of the dispatcher. You should ensure that the queue never becomes full.


The RFC resource check is active (see rdisp/rfc_use_quotas).


Work area

Dispatcher/task handler


Integer value between 0 and 100 (percentage)

Standard value


Dynamically changeable

Local and on all servers

Value Range and Syntax

The value is given as a percentage of the entire dialog queue. In other words, it is dependent on the value currently set in the profile. The parameter rdisp/elem_per_queue (default 2000) specifies the absolute number of requests in the queue.

SAP’s Recommendation

You should set this value quite small, as the dialog requests are also kept in this queue, and it is important that the queue does not become full.


You can monitor how full the dispatcher queues are in transaction SM51 (Structure linkOverview of SAP Application Servers) (Goto Server Information Queue Info).


If you retain the default setting of 2000, the dialog queue can accept a maximum of 2000 requests. If you set rdisp/rfc_max_queue to 1 and the queue already contains 20 entries when a new RFC request comes in, the request is rejected.



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