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Committing Database Changes Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Open SQL contains the statements




for confirming or undoing database updates. COMMIT WORK always concludes a database LUW and starts a new one. ROLLBACK WORK always undoes all changes back to the start of the database LUW.

These statements are part of the SAP transaction concept, and should only be used in this context.

As well as the COMMIT WORK and ROLLBACK WORK statements, there are other situations where data is implicitly written to the database or rolled back, and where database LUWs therefore begin and end.

Furthermore, the above statements also control SAP LUWs, which extend over several database LUWs.

The ABAP statements COMMIT WORK and ROLLBACK WORK only work like the corresponding Standard SQL statements if the entire application program is represented by a single implicit database LUW, that is, for example, in a single dialog step.



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