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Function documentationControl and Check Processes (Menu Option Process) Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use this function to:

        Cancel a process (with or without core)

        Activate/deactivate the restart option after an error

        Execute various functions for the process trace


You are already in the Process Overview (Transaction SM50) and have selected a work process using your cursor.


The following functions are available in the Process menu:

Functions for Process Monitoring and Administration

Path in Process Menu



Displays detailed information on the selected process (can also be accessed by double-clicking a process line, or by choosing This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Detail).

Cancel with Core

Cancels the work process. A core file is created, which you can view in transaction ST11.

Cancel Without Core

Cancels a work process, and a core file is not written.

Restart After Error   Yes/No

You can specify whether a process should be restarted automatically after an error has occurred. The default is Yes.

Trace Active Components

You can specify which kernel components write trace information to the trace file and the trace level for logging (0: No trace, 1: Only trace errors, 2: Complete trace, 3: Complete trace with buffers). Only the task handler component is set as the active default, and the trace level is 1.

Trace Display Setting

There are 2 options under this option, Loading components and Display components. These options are useful for very large trace files where all or many of the components were active. Loading components lets you choose which components are loaded in the file; Display components lets you further limit the display. The Display components are part of the loading components. By default, the loading components are displayed.

Trace Display File

This displays the trace file for a selected work process.

Trace Save File Locally

With this funvtion you can download one or more trace files to your local PC. For more information, see Saving Trace Files Locally.

Trace Reset

Here you can reset the trace files: You can choose whether you want to reset All Files or only the Work Process Files. All files mean all dev* files on this server. They include the traces from the gateway, dispatcher, ICM, RFC, and so on, as well as the work process traces.


After the trace files have been reset, the information contained in them is lost and cannot be retrieved.

Trace Dispatcher

Here you can set the trace level for the trace file of the dispatcher dev_disp, view the file, or save it locally, see Save Locally.


See also:

For more information on trace files, see Developer Traces.


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