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Function documentation Creating Additional Shops in a Department Store Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this function, to process mass data with which you can create several shops based on a department store (entry point).

If you want to increase the range of products in an existing department store, you can do this by creating additional shops in the system. You add additional shops to the department store based on the existing shops in the department store, and by considering comparable shops in other department stores.


The functional scope is the same as in the process described for the Creating Shops in a New Department Store function.

The system can create a large percentage of the master data using the department store data combined with the data from an optional reference shop. However, there is also data that you must process on a shop-specific basis. You go to an additional data screen to do this. If you want to use different or additional customer-specific fields, you can use a modification-free enhancement to add a customer-specific screen to the additional data screen.


If you have created a new shop using the Create Shop function, the system creates all the data (including shop-specific data) on the basis of the existing data. The system uses the department store assigned to the new shop as a data source. The system can also combine data from a reference shop that can be adjusted to meet customer-specific requirements during the merge procedure using a modification-free enhancement.

The system also displays the existing shop assignments. You make changes to these shop assignments in standard processing for site master data.


On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Site Data Department Store/Shop Create Shops via Department Store.



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