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Price level groups are transferred to SAP BW for reporting purposes and are therefore not deleted from the system in the normal way. To prevent data inconsistencies between the two systems, a special logic is used to delete data from the system with a time delay. Price level groups are retained in SAP BW even if they have been deleted from SAP Retail.

This function allows you to reorganize price level groups. You can schedule this program to run at periodic intervals so that the price level groups are organized regularly.

Reorganizing price level groups means checking to see that they are still valid. If a price pattern has expired, a deletion indicator is set for it. After a waiting period of at least a day, this price pattern is deleted along with all the related price levels. If all price patterns have been deleted from a price level group, the price level group itself is deleted from the database.

If you set deletion indicators manually, the system waits at least a day before it really deletes all the data.

If a price level group is to be deleted, it must no longer belong to an article group. The reorganization program therefore checks this before deleting price level groups.


On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Price Level Groups Reorganization.

You can define the waiting period before deletion as you wish. If you do not enter a value, the system waits one day after the deletion flag has been set before deleting the price level group.

To ensure optimum performance with large quantities of data, you can manually set the number of price level groups to be reorganized in each process.

Depending on which stage of the reorganization process a price level group is at, deletion indicators are set at the level of price patterns and price levels, or simply at price level. As a result of this, the price level group is deleted from the system.


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