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Procedure documentation Defining External Commands  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Use external commands to allow your background processing users to schedule external executables (commands, scripts) in job steps. For more information on external commands and external programs, see External Commands and External Programs.


You must first be authorized to define external commands and your end users must also be authorized to schedule the external commands that you define. See Authorizations for Background Processing. For external commands to be carried out, the host system on which a command is to run must also meet certain requirements. See Prerequisites for Running External Commands and External Programs.


  1. Choose CCMS ® Configuration ® External Commands (Transaction SM69). This displays a list of the commands that are already defined.
  2. Choose Command list ® Display <-> Change to enter the change mode.
  3. Choose either the Create or Change function.
  4. To create a command, fill out the fields in the definition screen as follows:
  1. Save the external command and exit.
  2. Be sure to give your users appropriate authorization to schedule the external command in background jobs. See Authorizations for Background Processing.
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