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The following checks are available in article hierarchy maintenance:

        Unique assignment of nodes:

When you are assigning nodes or articles, the nodes are checked to make sure they are unique. The definition of nodes is checked to see whether multiple assignments exist. A node can only be assigned once to a node of an article hierarchy. The uniqueness of the assignment also applies to the article assignment. An article can be assigned multiple times in each article hierarchy provided this is maintained in the hierarchy properties.

        Activation of an article hierarchy:

If you activate an article hierarchy or change an active article hierarchy, a check is performed to ensure that all articles assigned to the hierarchy are assigned to the lowest node of the hierarchy.

        Validity check:

When creating, changing, copying, and moving elements, a check is performed to see whether the validity of the node assignments concerned falls within the validity of the (new) parent node assignment. If this is not the case, the action performed cannot be valid, that is the hierarchy cannot be saved. You can make the validity of an article assignment different from the validity of the parent node assignment. For example, a main assignment can be assigned below a limited, time-based node assignment.

        Deletion check (for valid records):

Elements of the article hierarchy that are to be deleted or were created incorrectly, must be able to be deleted from the system again. In the case of scheduling, this is achieved by manually setting the deletion indicator by setting the end of the validity of the assignment to the current date.

You can configure the check logic for the automatic or manual deletion of subordinate and/or article assignments in Customizing. This applies to both scheduled and non-scheduled article hierarchies. If the deletion check is active, node assignments can only be deleted if no other nodes or articles are assigned to this node.

        Check for multiple assignments of articles:

A multiple assignment is when one article is assigned to several nodes in different categories. Within a category, the assignment of the article to the node is always unique.

The following conditions are linked to the use of multiple assignment:

        Multiple assignment causes a technical separation at shop level, that is, the department store concept must be used if you are using multiple assignment.

        If the department store concept is used and multiple assignment is activated, a node in the article hierarchy must be assigned to every shop. This means that you can only select a category node, not just any node in the article hierarchy.


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