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Procedure documentation Displaying Clients Currently Logged On Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You can display a list of currently logged on systems via Goto Logged on systems .

The following values are displayed for each system that is logged on:

        LU Name: With CPIC connections via TCP/IP, this field describes the host on which the partner program is running or supposed to run.


The term "logical unit" is a term borrowed from SNA and describes a logical node in an SNA network. The remote partner program is intended to run on this node.

        TP Name: Name of the transaction program or the name of the program started by the gateway.

        System Type. The following values are permitted:

        NORMAL_CLIENT : Normal client, external program     

        LOCAL_R3: Local SAP system                     

        REMOTE_GATEWAY: Connection to a remote gateway       

        FROM_REMOTE_GATEWAY: Connection from a remote gateway

        REGISTER_TP: Registered transaction program      

        Host Name: Name of the host on which the client is running.

        Host Address: All TCP/IP names of the host. If there are several network cards then there may be several entries here. Usually 5 alternative host names are supported.

        Last: Time of last activity

        Status: Connection status to a client or another gateway at TCP/IP level. The default value is CONNECTED.

In the following cases connections are highlighted in color in the gateway monitor.

        Connections with status PENDING (handshake while opening the connection) are colored orange

        If the data packets could not be fully written in the network connections, the connection is colored green. If this status lasts for a while, it indicates network problems, or the partner program cannot read any data from the network, because it is busy with other tasks that take time (for example, BRBACKUP).

Administration Functions for Logged On Clients

You can select one or more lines and then choose Goto Logged On Clients. Then the following functions are made available for the client(s) you selected:

        Display Details

        Delete Client

        Activate/deactivate NI Trace (trace of connection at level of Structure linkNI Network Interface)

        Activate/deactivate socket option KEEPALIVE (see parameter gw/so_keepalive in section Network Parameters)




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