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As the gateway is an application server interface to other systems (to other SAP systems, to external programs, and so on), security conditions must be met, as appropriate. In particular, if external programs are started via the gateway, you should use the security options described below.



You should be aware of the following security issues for operating the gateway.

        Authorizations for the side info file. Set the file attributes as described in Structure linkSide Information Tables, to ensure the file is protected from unauthorized access.

        Secure connections between gateways of different SAP Systems. To do this you have to set up SNC or use the SAProuter between the gateways, which de-encrypts and encrypts the data by SNC. For details see Structure linkConfiguring SNC Component Support

External Programs

Options for implementing security measures regarding external programs are described below.

        You can prevent external programs from being started by unauthorized users. See Structure linkStart Assigning Authorizations for External Programs

        You can prevent external programs from being registered in the SAP gateway without authorization. See Structure linkAssigning Registration Authorization for External Programs in the SAP Gateway

        You cab regulate access from registered programs. See Structure linkAccess Controls for Registered Programs.


You can find details of the parameters relevant for security settings under Structure linkSecurity Parameters.



See also:

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