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Function documentation Reorganizing Follow-Up/Replacement Article Relationships Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this report to delete follow-up/replacement article relationships that have expired from the system. Instead of deleting individual assignments from just one follow-up category in processing for follow-up/replacement article relationships, the reorganization report allows you to delete all the assignments that correspond to your selection criteria in just one step.


You can perform the reorganization report online or schedule it as a background job in the system.


Follow-up/replacement article relationships must have expired before you can delete them. This means that the end date of the validity period has to be in the past.


If you do not set the validity indicator for a follow-on category and therefore do not define a validity period for the follow-on relationship, the system sets the start of the validity period for this follow-on category to the current date, and the end to the latest possible date (12.31.9999). You cannot delete follow-on/replacement article relationships for this follow-on category with the reorganization report, as the follow-on relationships do not expire.

To delete follow-on/replacement article relationships of this follow-on category you must switch to processing for follow-on relationships and delete each assignment separately.


On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Article Data Article Follow-Up/Replacement Articles Reorganize.


       1.      Enter criteria to select follow-on/replacement article relationships that have expired.

       2.      The system deletes all the follow-on/replacement article relationships from the database that correspond to your selection criteria.


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