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You can use this function to copy article master records, to create new ones or change existing ones. In addition to the basic article data, you can also copy other master data, such as purchasing info records, purchase and sales conditions, bills of materials and replenishment data.


        If you want to create a new article master record, enter the number of a source article. In the Target Article group box, you can make different entries for merchandise category, article type, article category and article hierarchy. You can assign an article number to the target article to be created, or you can specify that the system assigns the article number internally.

For more information about internal assignment of numbers, see Articles: Article Numbers.

        If you want to change an existing master record, you enter the number of the target article to be changed, in addition to the number of the source article. The system only copies the data segments of the source article that are not yet available in the target article.

        When you create and change article master records, you can define which data the system is to copy from the source article. You can do this using indicators and filters in the Define Processing Volume group box.

        Segment Filters

You use segment filters to define the data segments of the general and additional article data that the system is to copy.

        Key Filters

If you want to copy segments of an article that occur more than once, you can use a key filter to specify the organizational levels that are to be copied.

You can, for example, just copy existing distribution chains from the source article to the target article.

        Variant Filters

If you want to copy data from one generic article to another, you can use a variant filter to define which variants of the source article the system is to copy.

        Alternative Variants

If you copy data from one generic article to another with this indicator set but no variant filter, the system copies all variants without taking into account any possible differences.

        Site Variances

If you set this indicator, the system copies all the site data from the source article to the target article. If you do not set the indicator, the system only copies the article data to the reference sites. The system uses the reference site data and the Customizing settings in the article master as the basis for all the other site data it generates.


The system does not copy planning or movement data.

        You can specify that the system create an application log and display the progress of the copy process.

        You can display the article master records for source articles and target articles, and after copying is completed you can change the article master record for the newly created article.


On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Article Data Article Copy.


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