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This parameter determines the contingent of dialog work processes that an RFC user may occupy simultaneously. The value is specified as a percentage of the configured dialog work processes.

You can use this parameter to prevent a user (or an application that is sending RFCs) from occupying all the dialog work processes on the target server.


      This parameter is effective only in dialog mode.If the report is running in the background or in update mode, it is ignored.  

      This parameter is valid only if the check is carried out on your local server (compare Determining Resources for Asynchronous and Transactional RFCs). If the check is carried out on a remote server, the parameter is ignored and the next more restrictive quota takes effect.

      The user name is not checked. This means, if one user logs on several times with the same name (name appears several times in SM04), each of these entries is valid as an individual user (compare Displaying and Managing User Modessapurl_link_0006_0002_0007).


When the server is started, it has rdisp/wp_no_dia dialog work processes. This number can, however, be changed while the server is running. One way to do this is to use operation mode switching. You can find out the current number of processes in the Process Overview (transaction SM50; see also Structure linkDisplay and Control Work Processes).


The RFC resource check is active (see rdisp/rfc_use_quotas).


Work area

Dispatcher/task handler


Integer value (percent)

Standard value


Dynamically changeable

Local and on all servers

Value Range and Syntax

Permitted values are whole numbers between 0 and 100.


Let us assume that the parameter is set to the default value of 75, and you have 10 dialog work processes, of which 2 are reserved for dialog operation (rdisp/rfc_min_wait_dia_wp). The parameter then has the effect that an RFC application can occupy a maximum of 7 work processes at any one time. This number represents the minimum number of work processes calculated from the work processes that are available for RFC (10-2=8) and the percentage defined by the parameter (75% of 10 is 7.5, of which the whole number is 7).

If you want an RFC application to have all the resources on the target server, set this parameter to 100. Then, rdisp/rfc_min_wait_dia_wp is the last restricting factor.


More Information

Note the following documentation associated with this parameter:

Dynamically Configuring RFC Quotas



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