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Modifying Input Fields Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To modify the appearance of an input field on the selection screen, you must assign the parameter to a modification group as follows:

PARAMETERS p ...... MODIF ID key ......

The name of modification group key should be a three-character variable name without quotation marks. The MODIF ID addition always assigns key to the screen-group1 column of internal table screen. Parameters assigned to a modification group can be processed as an entire group with the LOOP AT SCREEN and MODIFY SCREEN statements during the AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT event.

For more information on modification groups and internal table screen, see Modifying the Screen.


REPORT demo_sel_screen_param_modif.

PARAMETERS: test1(10) TYPE c MODIF ID sc1,
            test2(10) TYPE c MODIF ID sc2,
            test3(10) TYPE c MODIF ID sc1,
            test4(10) TYPE c MODIF ID sc2.


    IF screen-group1 = 'SC1'.
      screen-intensified = '1'.
    IF screen-group1 = 'SC2'.
      screen-intensified = '0'.


The parameters test1 and test3are assigned to the modification group sc1, while test2 and test4 are assigned to group sc2. During the AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT event, the INTENSIFIED field of internal table screen is set to 1 or 0, depending on the contents of the group1 field. On the standard selection screen, the lines for test1 and test3are highlighted while those for test2and test4 are not, as shown below:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text



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