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Defining Input Fields for Single Values Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If you want to enable the user to enter values for single fields on the selection screen, you must define specific variables (parameters) in the declaration part using the PARAMETERS statement. Each parameter declared with the PARAMETERSstatement appears as an input field on the relevant selection screen.

Parameters are used for simple queries of single values. For example, you can use parameters to control the program flow. However, if you want to restrict database accesses or perform complex selections, you should use selection criteria.

You can use the PARAMETERS statement for both standard and user-defined selection screens. The variants of the PARAMETERS statement that are important for program-specific selections are explained in the following sections:

There are special variants of the PARAMETERSstatement that you can use to define database-specific selections in logical databases. For more information, see the keywords documentation and the section on Logical Databases.

Basic Form of Parameters

Dynamic Dictionary Reference

Default Values for Parameters

SPA/GPA Parameters as Default Values

Allowing Parameters to Accept Upper and Lower Case

Reducing Visible Length

Defining Required Fields

Search Help for Parameters

Checking Input Values

Defining Checkboxes

Defining Radio Buttons

Hiding Input Fields

Modifying Input Fields


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