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Editing the Structure  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To display or change the structure of a logical database, choose Structure from the initial screen of the Logical Database Builder, or navigate to the structure editor from another component.

Displaying the Structure

The structure editor displays the structure hierarchy. Each node is displayed as follows:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

        node is the name of the node.

        id is the type of the node: T for a database table, S for a ABAP Dictionary type, and C for a data type from the Dictionary, and C for a data type from a type group.

        type is the name of the Dictionary object to which the node refers.

        text is the short text for the node.

As usual, you can expand or collapse the subordinate tree structures, and edit individual subtrees. You can display the attributes of a node by double-clicking it. To display the structure of a node – that is, the components of its data type – place the cursor on the node and choose Display Table Fields.

        The PUT Routine function allows you to display the subroutine PUT_node of the database program. For this to work, the subroutine must be contained in its own include that follows a particular naming convention. For further information, refer to Editing the Database Program.

Changing the Structure

        To rename an existing node, place the cursor on it and choose Edit Node Change.

        To create a new node at a subordinate level to the cursor position, or on the same level, choose Edit Node Create. Nodes that you create like this in the structure editor consist, at first, only of their logical name with which they is declared in the database program using the TABLES or NODES statement. To define the node fully, double-click it. You can then enter its type, the name of the data type from the ABAP Dictionary to which it refers, and its short text.

        To select/deselect a subtree, choose Edit Subtree Select/Deselect. To move a selected sub-tree in a structure to a position indicated by the cursor, choose Edit Subtree Reassign.

        To delete a sub-tree, place the cursor on the node or select it and choose Edit Sub-tree Delete.


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