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You can display developer traces from within the SAP System and from the operating system level.

Within the SAP System:

Choose transaction ST11. Here, you see all the trace files in the work directory. Double-click on a file to display there. If you want to save a file locally, choose System List Save Local file.

The following trace types have their own transactions.



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Message server


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SAP Web Dispatcher


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You can also download the trace files onto your local computer. To do this use the ABAP report RSMON000_DOWNLOAD_TRACES. For more information see Downloading Trace Files.

From the operating system:


       1.      You need to access the work directory of the SAP application server whose traces you wish to see. This directory is always local, located on the host on which an SAP application server is running. You’ll therefore need to log on to the host system of the SAP application server.

       2.      Change to the workdirectory of the SAP application server. 

Typical menu path (UNIX; other systems similar):  /usr/sap/<SYSTEM ID>/<INSTANCE>/work

or /usr/sap/CLP/D01/work

       3.      Display the list of files in the directory. (The names of the files are listed below.) Use an operating system command like more to display the files.


Always display trace files from within the SAP System if you can. The files are presented in the SAP System in an easier-to-read format than they are at the operating system level.


Core files, profiles, and start traces: should one of the work processes of an application server terminate abnormally with core dump, you will also find the core files in the work directory.

Further, you can display the start-up and instance profiles used by an SAP application server along with the developer traces. Server start-ups are recorded in the sapstart<n>.trcfiles. 



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