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The server functions are used to deactivate or close down SAP servers without jeopardizing the requests the server is currently processing. They enable the server to complete all the requests it is currently processing without accepting any new requests.


These functions allow the state of an SAP server to be changed. The possible server states are described under SAP Application Server States.


The functions in question are system administration functions that may only be used when a valid username and password are given.


The following functions can be used on the selected servers.

Hard-terminate server

A hard termination is equivalent to a signal 2 on the operating system level. The dispatcher and all its work processes are terminated; requests in the queue are ignored; and requests that are currently being processed are terminated.

Soft-terminate server

All services that the application server provides (updates, batch, and so on) are no longer available, but all requests that are still in the queue are completed by the work processes. Once all requests are completed, the application server terminates.

The server state is then shutdown.

The activate function can no longer be used to activate the server.

Test Connection

Tests the connection from the message server to the server on which the cursor is positioned.

In the status bar you can see whether the connection test was successful.

Close connection

In this case, the connection between the selected server and the message server is terminated. No more requests from other application servers can reach the server.

This function tests the connection to the message server, because normally the connection has to be re-established.


Here the same is done as with Soft Exit, only here with the difference that the server does not close down when it is not processing any more requests. The server has the status passive, and it can be reactivated any time with the Activate function.


This is used to re-activate servers in the passive state. The status then returns to active.

Switch Trace On/Off

This function relates to the NI (network interface, see Structure linkSAP Log) trace of the message servers. You can switch on and off the trace for the connection between the message server and the selected server.

You can find the trace information in the trace file of the message server dev_ms.

For more information on the trace see Trace Functions.


The functions described here are available in the Message Server Monitor and in the Server Overview.

        In the initial screen of the Message Server Monitor (transaction SMMS), choose Go To Expert Functions Server.

        On the initial screen of the server overview (transaction SM51) choose Goto Server Administration.




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