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The rack jobber delivers goods to the store, thus supplying the intended sales area. You post the goods receipt.


        The settings in Customizing correspond to the listing in Vendors: Rack jobber.

        Master data is maintained as described in Vendors: Creating Master Data for Rack Jobber Processing.

        Inventory Management is active, and the goods receipt must be posted to the consignment stock. If a purchase order exists, you generally use movement type 101/K. If no purchase order exists, you use movement type 501/K (Receipt w/o purchase order into consignment stores).


You have the following options for posting goods receipts:


You post the goods receipt using the dialog transaction. You must enter the movement type and vendor number. You enter item category K for the rack jobber goods.

        Using the goods receipt/goods movement IDoc in the POS interface

If you use this option, the goods receipt data is transferred from the store electronically to the SAP system. Item category K is assigned automatically.

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