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Use to distribute site master data for the following functions:


ALE is used to transfer and distribute data. This technique is the same for all SAP applications and is used to distribute different kinds of master data and transaction data via defined interfaces known as IDocs. For a detailed description of ALE, the functions supported, and how to proceed, see the following SAP Library documentation:


Site Master Data Composition and Maintenance

Site master data consists of the following:

You can maintain this IMG data as follows:

Application data maintenance is integrated into the site master. You can customize customer and vendor master data maintenance, for example, by defining certain fields as required entry fields in Customizing.

Site Master Data Distribution

The distribution of site master data is a combination of the following:

Use IMG transport, client copy, or client comparison, for example.

In the target system, the Customizing settings for customer and vendor master data maintenance must correspond to those in the sending system.


For data consistency, you must distribute site master data in the following order:

  1. Transport the IMG
  2. Distribute application objects by ALE

The system checks the distributed customer or vendor master data. For example, the system checks that these application objects are assigned to the corresponding site master in the target system. This is necessary for address comparison.

When you distribute customer master data by ALE, retail-specific data (departments, material groups, and so on) is also distributed and checked.


You must check the value-based inventory management.

          1. Before distribution, check any changes to the stock.
          2. Before and after distribution, check the stock levels correspondingly.

Additional Information

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