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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Assignment Between Structures II Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

In this example, offset/length accesses to structures are handled.

Before Unicode conversion:


  begin of STRUC1,

    F1(10) type c,

    F2(20) type c,

    F3     type i,

    F4     type p,

  end of STRUC1,


  begin of STRUC2,

    C1(10) type c,

    C2(20) type c,

    C3     type x,

    C4     type f,

  end of STRUC2.


STRUC1 = STRUC2.                ß Unicode error


In this example, it is assumed that only the content of the first two components C1 and C2 is transferred to F1 and F2 in the conversion, since the following components F3 and F4 are overwritten with invalid values anyway.


After Unicode conversion


Since the initial part of the structures, which is relevant to the intended assignment, is purely character-type, the assignment operands can each be selected using offset/length accesses.


STRUC1(30) = STRUC2(30).              ß ok

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