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Unicode Glossary Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

byte type

The ABAP data types X and XSTRING


Letter, digit, or special character


The ABAP data types C, N, D, T, and STRING


Binary encoding of letters, digits, and special characters


Set of encoded characters for the environment selected

data cluster

Grouping of several data objects (fields, structure, table)


ABAP Data Dictionary


The byte order of a number. Numbers are stored in memory with decreasing place value either from left to right (big-endian format) or from right to left (little-endian format)

front end

Presentation server in the R/3 System


The Basis functions of the R/3 System (written in C and C++)


Non-Unicode program: ABAP program for which the Unicode flag has not been set


Non-Unicode system: R/3 System, in which each character is encoded in binary form such that it occupies one byte

remaining length

Pertaining to a field or other character type structure, the total length minus the offset

surrogate area

Character supplement for characters that cannot be contained in standard Unicode (which can only contain 65,536 characters). In addition to the standard Unicode bit pattern, the system reads two further bytes from this area.

Unicode Fragment View

View that splits structures into similar data areas


Unicode program: ABAP program for which the Unicode flag has been set


Unicode system: R/3-System, in which each character is encoded in binary form, such that it occupies either two or four bytes


Data format for communication and data exchange


Extensible Markup Language: language used to display documents on the Internet



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