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If updating of change pointers to table BDCP for message type CONDBI has been activated, this setting applies to all condition types defined in the system. However, only a certain part of the condition changes is relevant for the different applications. For this reason, it is advisable to further restrict the change pointers from table BDCP, based on the requirements of the individual application areas. This is carried out for the relevant applications using worklist generation (transaction ME14).

Such filtered change pointers (worklist) are updated to table WIND for all applications. The distinction between individual worklists for different applications is made at the same time as document indices are created for the document category:

Application area and corresponding document category

Application Area

Document Category

Purchase order (purchasing documents)




Order optimizing/investment buying


Assortment list


POS outbound


Change pointers are filtered from table BDCP using Customizing settings stored in table T6I1. In table T6I1 you specify which condition types and condition tables the worklist is to be created for.

The following transactions for making these settings are defined in Customizing for the individual application areas :

Application Area

Transaction in Customizing

Transaction Description

Purchase order


Adjusting purchasing documents





Adjusting pricing documents for external reference

Adjusting pricing documents for internal reference

Order optimizing/investment buying


Change-specific condition types for investment buying

POS outbound


Maintaining document indices


Table T6I1 also controls the updating of document indices in the application areas Purchase Order and Pricing. This ensures that worklist generation and document index updating are reconciled with one another. For more information see Updating of Change Pointers and Document Indices.


The following graphic illustrates the procedure for worklist generation.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

  1. If condition changes occur, change pointers are updated to table BDCP.
  1. When a worklist is generated, these change pointers are filtered according to the entries in table T6I1, and updated to table WIND.


The filtered change pointers are separated in table WIND according to document category/application area.



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