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Grouping characteristic values simplifies the search for characteristic values when you are creating articles. You use existing characteristic values to create a hierarchy grouping, which enables you to divide the characteristic value total into manageable partial quantities. You can assign a characteristic value to several groups.


A characteristic value grouping is stored in the form of a hierarchy. When you access a specific characteristic with the search help, the size of the hierarchy with its characteristic value groups, and the quantity of characteristic values are factors that affect system performance.


You have defined all the characteristic values that you want to combine to form characteristic value groups. You have entered the characteristic values with characteristic value processing.

For more information, see Processing Characteristic Values.


        You can group characteristic values from one characteristic as required, and arrange characteristic value groups and individual characteristic values in a hierarchy. You can assign a characteristic value to several characteristic value groups.

You define the hierarchy in the navigation area. A characteristic value group corresponds to a node. In the work area, you can assign the characteristic values you require to individual nodes.


When you are processing an article, the system only displays the characteristic values that you have assigned to a characteristic value group in the search help for characteristic value selection. You can only enter other characteristic values manually.

        You can assign merchandise categories to a characteristic value group to specify that the characteristic values in this characteristic value group are only used in the assigned merchandise categories. If you do not assign anything to it, the characteristic value group is valid for all merchandise categories.

        To assign characteristic values to a node in the hierarchy, or to restrict the use of characteristic values to certain merchandise categories, you use the pushbuttons in the Characteristic Value Assignment and Merchandise Category Restriction work areas.

You can, for example, use multiple selection to assign several characteristic values in one process step, or to assign several merchandise categories by selecting one characteristics profile.

        You can display change documents for the grouping data.


On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Merchandise Category Data Characteristics New Characteristic Value Storage Group Characteristic Values.


       1.      Choose the characteristic whose characteristic values you want to group.

       2.      Process the hierarchy for the characteristic and assign the characteristic values you require to the characteristic value groups.

       3.      You can assign specific merchandise categories to a characteristic value group.

       4.      Save your settings.

       5.      The system uses characteristic value groupings in the search help.


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