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Function documentation Closing and Temporarily Blocking Shops Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this function if you want to close or temporarily block several shops because, for example:

        Customer figures in a shop are not being met

        The enlargement of one shop requires the closure of another

        The complete range of products offered is to be withdrawn from the market

        Restructuring means business performance is restricted

        Other operational reasons mean that business is restricted


The system allows you to perform a simple procedure to close or block a specific number of shops across several department stores. If you block a shop, you specify the duration of the block and the extent to which the shop will still be involved in procurement and sales.


If you close or block a shop, you must perform several processing steps that are unconnected in terms of time. To do so you define the following:

        Reason for closure (with or without the closing date)

        Closing date

        Block status

        Validity period of the block (for several shops)

        Individual subsequent processes for each individual shop

        Archiving of shop data

You enter the date and the block status once for all the selected shops. If necessary, you can adjust the date and the block status for individual shops separately. If you only want to block shops temporarily (for example, because of renovations), you enter a blocking reason, without a blocking date.

If you have shut all the shops in a department store, you can then shut the department store itself.

On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Site Data Department Store/Shop Mass Changes to Shops Block/Close.



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