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You use shops to subdivide a department store in operational terms, to provide customers with a complete overview of the articles available. You use shops to map multiple stock placements of articles, grouped by merchandise category, within a department store. The system carries article-specific stock for the individual shops. A shop is usually assigned merchandise areas for which it performs the necessary retail processes (requirements planning, inventory management, sales and planning). The assortment is divided between different shops and can only be used in logistics terms within these shops.

Shops are mapped in SAP Retail as stores with an additional indicator. Shops have the following characteristics:

        Standalone, independent profitability analysis

        Inventory-managing unit

        Can be planned

        Can be evaluated

        Central object in all retailing processes

The main difference between a shop model and a store model is the distribution of the entire assortment between different shops, with the vendor subrange only able to be retailed (logistically) within the relevant shop.

The department store is used to bundle individual shops in organizational terms. The department store groups shops under a physical or logical address.


On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Site Data Department Store/Shop Create Shop.


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