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In the history table BBY_USED, the system logs which bonus buys it has made to which stores. This information is important when you are changing and deleting existing bonus buys.


The settings for the partner agreement and port are maintained correctly in Customizing.


Field Name

Data Type

Check Table









POS-interface: Store




Bonus buy




Deletion indicator for bonus buys


The system updates the entries in the table above as follows:


        Manual dispatch of bonus buys using program RWDPOSAN

Updates or creates entries for all stores and bonus buys for which data is available and correct at the respective port (status 03).

        Manual dispatch for deletion of bonus buys using program RWDPOSAN

The relevant entries are deleted in the history table, as long as the deletion information for the POS system has successfully arrived at the port.

        Deletion of bonus buys using program BBY_POS_DELETE

Entries in the history table marked with a deletion indicator are deleted.

The history table is updated in the first two cases each time bonus buy data is sent successfully using the manual request for POS outbound. Program RWDPOSAN (transaction WPMA) checks each store and each bonus buy to see whether bonus buy data has been sent correctly and logged in the history table. A dispatch counts is regarded as correct if EDI status 03 (Data transfer to port ok) has been achieved. The program then makes a corresponding entry in the history table.

In the third case, the system deletes the entries in the history table that the deletion program BBY_DELETE selected.

In all three cases the history table is updated in the background, which means that you cannot maintain data directly in the table.





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