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You use these parameters to configure load balancing for registered programs. You can specify that strong servers receive more requests than weaker ones.



Defines the type of Load Balancing for Registered Programs. The following values are permitted:

         0 : No load balancing; the first free registered program is used.

         1 : The program with the lowest counter is used. Every time a registered program is assigned a request, the counter is increased by one.

         2 : The program with the lowest load is used. The load is determined as defined by profile parameter gw/reg_lb_ip.

Default value





Default value for the load of a server if its IP address cannot be found in the list.

Default value





Specifies the load value for an IP address or for a range of IP addresses. A host name can be entered in the place of an IP address. The gateway then determines the IP address for the host name.
When the registered program logs on to the gateway, the IP address is used to determine what the load of the IP address is. The system searches the list in the order specified by the profile parameter. This value is added to the load when this program receives a request.  If the IP address is not found, the system uses the value defined by parameter gw/reg_lb_default. This ensures that a strong server is assigned more requests than a weaker server. A server that registers itself with the gateway receives as initial value the highest load of all servers with the same registration ID.
If no servers are registered with this ID, or if no requests have been assigned to these servers, the value is 0.


List of IP addresses or host names The corresponding load is output with an equal sign after each IP address. The load is a weighting factor that specifies the strength of a particular server. The higher the value, the weaker the server. The maximum value is 1.

a.b.c.d=val1 e.f.g.*=val2 linux1=val3

Important: You can specify a range of IP addresses instead of a single IP address, for example:

gw/reg_lb_ip = 194.56.48.*=1 194.56.49.*=3

All servers from the 194.56.48 – network are highly efficient, the servers from the 194.56.49 network are somewhat weaker, and all other servers are extremely weak and should only be used infrequently.

For a detailed description, see Load Balancing for Registered Programs.

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