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Bonus buy conditions are special conditions that only apply when certain prerequisites and requirements you define are met. For example, you could offer a price reduction if customers buy a certain quantity of particular articles at the same time or if they pay using a credit card.

You can also use bonus buys in connection with coupons (see Structure linkPromotion: Coupons and Bonus Buys).


The articles to be included in a bonus buy must have been created using SAP Retail article maintenance. It is particularly important that EANs are stored for these articles.



       1.      If necessary, you can create article groupings that also contain whole merchandise categories, promotions or layout areas.

For more information on article groupings, see Article Grouping.

       2.      You create a bonus buy condition. In doing so you specify the following:

Whether you want the condition to be a fixed price, a fixed discount, a percentage discount or a free-goods discount.

The article or grouping previously defined for which the system should grant the condition. You can also grant the condition on the basis of the prerequisites or the articles purchased together.

Which requirements are necessary for the bonus buy to be granted. This could be that the customer has to pay by customer card or that the value of the sale has to be over or under a certain amount.

Which prerequisites have to be met for a bonus buy to be granted. The customer usually has to buy a certain quantity of certain articles together or redeem a coupon. The articles involved can be single articles or articles belonging to a grouping you defined previously.

For more information on bonus buy conditions, see Bonus Buy Conditions.

       3.      You transfer the bonus buy conditions to the POS systems or the stores involved. To do this, you use the Direct Request for POS Outbound function.

You reach this function from the Article Grouping/Bonus Buy screen by choosing Edit POS Outbound. For more information, see Structure linkPreparing Master Data.

       4.      The POS systems take the transferred data into consideration by analyzing all the articles scanned in one POS transaction and by determining whether the articles are being purchased in the relevant combination. If so, the special offer is granted.

If a bonus buy condition is granted at the point of sale, the POS system records the bonus buy number in the sales data.

       5.      When the sales data is transferred to the POS inbound interface, the SAP system takes the bonus buy conditions granted into account.


The system knows if a bonus buy applies and automatically takes the special conditions into account.




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