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You use this function to display and process worklists that you have created and saved in the Discontinuation Workbench. The worklist also serves as a discontinuation log for controlling discontinuation runs.


You have created and saved worklists in the Discontinuation Workbench.

For more information, see Discontinuation Workbench.


Selecting worklists

You can enter selection criteria to select the worklists that you want to process. Your user name is defaulted as a selection criterion. When you execute the selection, the system displays an overview of the selected worklists.

Overview of worklists

        The system displays general information for the selected worklists and statistics about the items that have been checked, for example, how many items in a worklist it checked and found to be correct.

        You can select and delete worklists, even if you have not yet completely processed these worklists.


The system does not automatically delete worklists that have been fully processed, as the worklists are also discontinuation logs. You have to manually delete worklists that you no longer require.

        You can select a worklist to process it or display the discontinuation log.


The worklists are not user-dependent. You can therefore process worklists created by other users.

Individual processing of worklists

        The system displays all the individual items in the selected worklist with the corresponding discontinuation log.

        You can perform follow-up actions for items in the worklist. When the system has successfully performed follow-up actions, it updates the discontinuation log display.


If you filter worklists, the system only performs follow-up actions for the displayed items.

        If the system could not perform a follow-up action successfully, you can view the relevant error log.


The system does not save the error log as it is deleted after individual processing.

        You can display additional information from master data and movement data for a worklist item in the error log, for example, for the article, purchasing info record, or vendor.


On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Article Data Article Discontinue Discontinuation Monitor.


       1.      You enter criteria for selecting the worklists.

       2.      The system displays all the worklists that correspond to your selection criteria.

       3.      You choose the worklist that you want to process.

       4.      The system displays all the items in the worklist with discontinuation status information (discontinuation log).

       5.      You trigger follow-on actions, check items, or discontinue them.

       6.      The system sets deletion flags for items that have been checked and found to be correct. The system creates workflow events for items that have been checked and found to have errors and for items with a discontinuation date in the future.


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