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Procedure documentation Creating Worklists Locate the document in its SAP Library structure



       1.      Log on to the relevant client in the system in which you translate the form, and choose Print Workbench Application Forms Environment Translation Create Worklist.

       2.      Enter the name and form class of the application form to be translated and the original and target language.

       3.      Choose Program Execute.
You obtain a list of the objects to be translated in the application forms. If there are red lines in the list, notify your system administrator. Red lines signify errors that must be eliminated.

       4.      To create a worklist from this list, choose Translation List Save/Send Create Worklist. In the dialog box Indicator for Worklist, enter the following:

        ID (for example, your initials)

        Date (for example, the current date)

        Short text

       5.      Choose Continue.


The worklist has been created. The technical key of the worklist is made up of the ID that you entered and the date. Once you have generated the worklist, you can process it.


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