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Procedure documentation Creating Application Forms Locate the document in its SAP Library structure



       1.      Choose Print Workbench Application Form Edit.

       2.      Enter the name of the new application form and select Application Form Create.

       3.      Now select the affiliated form class. By doing this, you assign the application form to an application. You cannot change this assignment later.

       4.      Choose the form category (SAPscript, Smart Forms, or PDF-based form). Depending on the form category, specify the name for the relevant form of the respective form tool. For all objects, consider the conventions and rules for assigning names.

       5.      If you want to work with user exits, specify the name for the relevant user includes. Again, see the naming conventions.

       6.      Choose Continue. If automatic recording of changes is active in the current clients, you have to specify a Customizing transport request.

The application form is created. The complete hierarchy of the form class is inserted into the new application form. You can now start adjusting the hierarchy to your requirements (for example, delete or deactivate form levels or 1:1 levels not used).


       1.      Edit the relevant SAPscript, Smart Form, or PDF-based form and activate it.

       2.      If you use SAPscript, add text nodes to the hierarchy. Pay particular attention to the hierarchical position of the text. Edit the texts.

       3.      If you have specified user includes, create the includes by double-clicking on the objects in the attributes of the application form.

       4.      Activate the application form.


You can now print the application form. You can develop it further using the Print Workbench tools (for example, test print), and adjust it to your requirements.


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