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Procedure documentation Starting the System Log Processes Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Once you have set the Central Logging Parameters, you must start the SAP system processes that send messages from local logs to the central log. On the central system, you start a collection process and a send process. On each instance, you must start a send process.


This section does not apply to SAP systems running on IBM AS/400 and Microsoft Windows NT hosts. Central logging is not provided on these platforms, and the processes described below are not needed.

Start a Collection Process on the Central Instance

You should start a collection process only on the instance where the central log is to be maintained. To start the collect process, add the following commands to the start profile of the instance:


# execute rslgcoll


_CO =co.sap<SID>_DVEBMGS00

# create a link name for rslgcoll

Execute_05 =local ln -s -f $(DIR_EXECUTABLE)/rslgcoll


# start the program, specifying the instance profile of the server

Start_Program_05 =local $(_CO) -F


Starting the Send Processes

Start a send process in each instance of your system, including the central system. The send process forwards messages from each instance to the central log. To start a send processes, add the following lines to the start profile(s) of each instance:


# execute rslgsend


_SE =se.sap<SID>_DVEBMGS00

# create a link name for rslgsend

Execute_06 =local ln -s -f $(DIR_EXECUTABLE)/rslgsend


# start the program, specifying the instance profile of the server

Start_Program_06 =local $(_SE) -F



You can display the full syntax and options of RSLGCOLL and RSLGSEND by doing the following:

  1. Change to the SAP executables directory on a host system in which an SAP application server is installed. A typical example on UNIX would be: /usr/sap/<SYSTEMNAME>/SYS/exe/run.
  2. Enter the program name (rslgsend, rslgcoll) followed by "help" or "?":

rslgsend help

The program syntax is then displayed.



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