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The System Log utility has two modes: The expert mode is intended primarily for use by SAP should it become necessary to analyze a problem in your system. To enter expert mode, choose Edit   Expert mode.

In expert mode, you have a number of additional selection options you can use.You can also exclude or include specific system log messages.

Setting Expert Selection Options

Choose the Attributes button to display the following fields:




Restricts the display to messages from one program.

Problem classes

Limits the report to a specific message type. You can enter one or more of the following message classes:

K    system kernel messages from the Netweaver system

S    status messages

T    transaction messages

W   warning messages

X    other types of messages

From file/position

To file/position

Defines the segments of the log file that are read. If you have already read the system log once, you can determine the file and position of a particular entry by double-clicking on the entry. An entry’s detail page contains the entry's file and position in the Technical Details section.

Message format (Type)

To do this, enter the code letter for a component's syslog type. Selects messages by system component format. To list component formats, use the Possible Entries button.


Selects messages from single-place computers, such as PCs, enter the network hostname of the PC. See the F1 help for additional formats for search specifications.

Development class

Restricts the display to messages issued from modules in a development class. The TDEVC table lists the available development classes.

With internal SysLog entries

Displays messages from the system log's send and collection processes. With these entries, you can check that the send processes in application servers are successfully communicating with the central collection process. See Central Logging Concepts for more information on the send and collection processes.

You can use the Message IDs function to exclude specific message types from a report or include only specific message types in a report.


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