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Procedure documentation Displaying Gateway Release Information Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You can display the release information for the gateway by choosing Goto Release Information.

This provides you with information on the version of the SAP Gateway and on the release and patch level of the SAP kernel.

kernel information tells you the status of the SAP kernel. Besides kernel release and compile information, the following information is also provided:

         Update level tells you with which kernel statuses the SAP system kernel can run. If different application servers are running with different kernel patch statuses on one system, all the kernel patches have to have the same update level.

         patch number specifies the last patch level that is relevant for the SAP Gateway component.

         source ID(the numbers after the decimal point) indicates the actual kernel patch level, which you can also see if you select Release Information in the server overview (SM51).

For descriptions of the kernel patches relevant for the component SAP Gateway and other detailed information, see below.




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