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Function documentation Displaying Change Documents Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this report to display change documents for follow-up/replacement article relationships.

If you create, change or delete follow-up/replacement article relationships, the system updates these changes to change documents. Every time the follow-up/replacement article relationships are saved, the system creates a change document for each original article number. The number of the original article is used as the object ID for the change document header.

The change document displays all the changes that you have made since you last saved the follow-up/replacement article relationships in which this article is the original article. The individual items in the change document detail the fields that you have changed in a follow-up/replacement article relationship and the follow-up/replacement article relationships that you have created or deleted.

Together all the change documents for a follow-up/replacement article relationship form its change history.


        You can use the following criteria to select change documents:

        Original article number

        Last changed by

        Date from which change documents are to be displayed

        You can display the change documents in two different views:

        If you set the List Viewer indicator, the system displays the change document headers and the change document items in a complete view.

        If you do not set the List Viewer indicator, the system displays the change document headers in an overview. You must use a pushbutton to call the change document items.



On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics Retailing Master Data Article Data Articles Follow-Up/Replacement Articles Display Change Documents.


       1.      You enter criteria for the change document selection and select the display type.

       2.      The system performs the selection and, depending on the display type you have selected, displays the change documents for change document headers.

       3.      If necessary, you select a document header so that the system displays the change documents in their entirety.


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